Monday, 6 November 2017

Pencil Sketch of Shri Abhay Kumar from Kudi Bhagtasni, Jodhpur by Akshay Kumar 373

Pencil Drawing for Shri Abhay Kumar from Jodhpur

After a very long gap I got the opportunity to show you all a recent progress in my drawing. I had made this drawing in 2014 on a 8x12 drawing paper using only a simple HB pencil. It was kept with me only for 3 years and recently when I visited Kudi Bhagtasni, Jodhpur I gave the original drawing to Shri Abhay Kumar. Even after a gap of 3 years the face in drawing and original is matching. Isn't it ?

See below, the post that I shared on Akshay Kumar 373.

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