Sunday, 12 November 2017

Pencil Drawing Sketch of Lavenesh Sharma from Delhi by Akshay Kumar

Pencil Drawing Sketch of Lavenesh Sharma from Bhajanpura, Delhi by Akshay Kumar 

Drawing of man face lavenesh sharma by Akshay Kumar

I drew this Pencil Sketch on the request of my colleague and friend Shri Lavenesh Kumar Sharma who is  from Bhajanpura, New Delhi / AG office Mumbai about 8 months ago. It is made with HB and 6B pencils on a simple drawing paper. 
I had shared this sketch with him on facebook and whatsapp to know if he liked it or not. I will soon be sharing the Image where I am giving the original Sketch to Lavenesh Sharma.

Wait for the next post where Akshay Kumar will be sharing more Drawing, Sketches and Arts of more people. Or you can request your own sketch. 

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