Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Beautiful, Simple And Easy Drawings of Girls by Artist Akshay Kumar

Girls are god's beautiful creation. Art of any form is incomplete without female. Girls / females have always been an  inspiration for artists. Whether they be a visual artist as in the case of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', the great Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma's Paintings or an inspiration for singers and songwriters. Females have also inspired novelists  such as Sharat Chandra Chatterjee whose novels are revolving around women. The story of  'Devdas' is based on the life of the author and a girl when he was in bhagalpur, bihar.

All the great love stories like romeo-juliet, laila-majnu, heer-ranjha are empty without the females.

In Indian mythological stories, the Indira had sent many apsaras to destroy the dhyan of sages. He used beauty to defeat his opponents to maintain his supremacy.

The beauty of girls / women that inspires artists is not only the external beauty but also the internal beauty. The beauty of mother's love, sister's love and daughter's love.

Like every other things, this beauty of female is also with some cons. These beauties have caused many war in the history of mankind. Many dynasties were destroyed. Alauddin Khilji is an example of a man who destroyed a happy kingdom of Chittor.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty has no fixed standards. Some likes girls wth long hairs whereas others like girls with short hairs. Some like girls with big eyes where as some like girls with small eyes. Some like girls with straight hairs whereas some like girls with curly hairs. Some like girls in traditional dress where as some like to see them in modern dress.

Below are some of the drawing of girls. Will upload more.

Pencil Drawing of Girl Holding Umbrella 
This drawing is of a Beautiful Girl with beautiful open hair. The Girl is holding an umbrella in her hand. She is wearing a Beautiful Dress.

Pencil Drawing of Girl Drinking Coffee in Coffee Mug
 The above drawing is of a girl who is holding a coffee mug and drinking coffee. Her hair is long and beautiful. She is wearing a beautiful dress.

Drawing of Girl Holding Balloons in hand and wearing Fancy Dress
 The above drawing is of a girl holding balloons in hand. She is wearing her hair in braids. She is wearing beautiful skirt.
Drawing of Girl Holding Flowers in a Garden.

The above drawing is of a Girl holding flowers in both hands. She is in a beautiful garden full of flowers. She is surrounded by flowers. She knelt down to pluck flowers. She is wearing a beautiful hat on her head. She is also wearing a beautiful dress.

Drawing of A Girl walking away alone.
The above pencil drawing is of a beautiful girl who is walking away. She is wearing leggings and kurti and has long open hair. The girl showing her back body. The drawing is about a girl who is walking away from her lover slowly in a sad mood.

Drawng Of A Beautiful Girl Blowing BubbleGum Side Face 
The above drawing is of a girl blowing bubblegum. Side face is visible. Beautiful lips blowing bubblegum.

Drawing Of A Girl Blowing Bubble Gum Front Face

A Lonely Girl Sitting on Stone.

The above drawing is of a girl who is alone, depressed, sad and waiting for someone sitting on a stone. loneliness hurts. This drawing can be used by the bloggers for any sad stories where a women waits for her lover to come back. Or it can also be used in horror story blogs where a beautiful alone girl in a lonely place seduces men and then she turns into a ghost. Print and fill colour of your choice.

Drawing of Beautiful Girl on Swing

      The above drawing of girl on a swing can be used to depict both happy and sad moods of women. This drawing can be used where you want to show that a girl is happy in playing with the swing. It can also be used to show the loneliness of a woman. A lonely and sad woman sitting on a swing and remembering her happy days. Feel free to print and fill colour of your choice.

Drawing of a Girl in Dress.
The above drawing is of a girl in dress. She is happy and dancing with the dress.   

Pencil Drawing of girl blowing smoke

Pencil Drawing of girl blowing bubble