Saturday, 7 February 2015

Akshay Kumar Pencil Sketches / Portraits Gallery.

Hand-drawn Pencil Sketch Portraits by Akshay Kumar

Welcome to the gallery of pencil sketches made by Akshay Kumar. These portraits are from the reference photos which was provided. To know about these portraits in detail i.e. the making of these sketches step by step or the story behind the making of these sketches wait for future posts. Keep visiting this sketching blog to see more sketches and drawings. Or you can also request a portrait for yourself for free.

Click on the Drawing Images to see details.

Akshay Kumar Pencil Sketch

Barack Obama Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing of Beautiful Woman's Face

Drawing of bald man face with moustache

Pencil drawing of girl face with open hair and smiling.

Pencil drawing of young man face with goggle

 Drawing of Lavenesh Sharma
Drawing of Lavenesh Sharma

Pencil Drawing of Old Indian Man

Pencil Drawing of Old Indian woman

Drawing of a girl from Patna, Bihar

Pencil drawing of Indian Man face

Pencil Drawing of Indian Couple from Jodhpur

Details on this portrait.

Pencil drawing of man from Mumbai

Young Indian Man Pencil Portrait

 Details on this pencil portrait.

Pencil Sketch portrait of Man face from Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Pencil Sketch of a beautiful woman from Bhagalpur, Bihar

Details on this pencil portrait.

Pencil Portait of Baby

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