Tuesday, 28 October 2014

That Old Man in the Local Train. A short story by Akshay kumar.

Old Man in the train.
        Ramesh was a young guy who used to go to his office everyday by the local train. He always caught the same seat of the  last coach of the same local train. He always managed to get his window seat everyday in that crowded coach of the local train with the help of his group of friends who also used to go in the same coach of the local train. And just like everyday an old man used to aboard the same last coach of the local train on the very next station. And stand between the seats where ramesh sits with his local-train friends. The old-man always remained standing throughout the journey to his office because all the seats were already occupied till he comes into the coach and no one ever offered him a seat.

                The boys used to play loud music on their mobile phones and tablets, sing loudly and also crack vulgar jokes. Sometimes they also teased the old-man with their dirty jokes and then laugh together. The old man never said anything to those boys and always remained silent. This was happening every day.

                One day ramesh came to his home earlier than his usual time from office. He normally comes home after his father but this day he came earlier than his father. Ramesh was relaxing in his room and after some time his father also came from office. His father was looking very tired, tensed and angry.

“What happened? Today also? ”, Asked his mother.

“Yes”, Father replied in a tired voice.

“Why don’t you say anything to them? Asked his mother.

Father shouted, “What should I say to those goons? They don’t even know how to behave to an old man. I don’t want them to offer me their seats but at least they should behave properly in the train. They must have been brought up by uncivilized parents or they must not be having their own parents to teach them how to behave.”

Ramesh was listening everything from his room but did not say anything. Whatever his father said was touching his heart. It was like a movie being played in front of his eyes where he was seeing himself as the goons and that old man as his father. Ramesh could not sleep that night. He kept crying the whole night.

Next morning, ramesh got up early. Got ready for his office and ran towards the station. He caught the same seat of the last coach of the same train. Today it was a different ramesh, he was not playing and shouting with his friends. He was just waiting for the next station to come. After some time the train reached the next station. The old-man entered into the train along with the crowd and stood in front of ramesh facing the window.

Ramesh stood from his seat and said to the old man, “Please sit.”

“No, thanks, its Ok.“ replied the old-man.

“It is a request. Please sit.” Ramesh said again.

“But why today?” Asked the old man.

Ramesh said,” So that some where some other guy should also give his seat to someone’s father and no one should say that someone’s parents are uncivilized.”


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